These results are provisional. Showing boats sorted in the order they finished, or we think they will finish on corrected time (with handicaps applied).
Position Name Sail Rating Start Time Last update DTF (NM) Distance Sailed (NM) VMG* (Knots) Estimated finish time (AEDT) Estimated finish time (AEDT corrected)
1 DRY WHITE SM401 0.9670 27 Dec 12:30:00   0 492.7   finished 30 Dec 11:42:53 30 Dec 09:21:53
2 FUZZY LOGIC G69 0.9710 27 Dec 12:30:00   0 515.2   finished 30 Dec 12:14:52 30 Dec 10:10:02
* VMG can be calculated in two different ways. We are currently showing VMG as the distance made good over the last 5 tracking points received.
This gives the best indication of a boat's current performance and disregards what happened earlier in their voyage.
You can switch back to 'VMG since start' mode by clicking the button above.

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