RAYC Auckland to Noumea 2018

HTML Leaderboard https://yb.tl/Leaderboard/a2n2018
Simple https://yb.tl/Simple/a2n2018
Expedition https://yb.tl/a2n2018-expedition.txt

Recent versions of Expedition have a YB Tracking option which requires this code: a2n2018
Maxsea https://yb.tl/a2n2018-maxsea.txt
Adrena https://yb.tl/a2n2018-adrenacompetitors.dcc
Google Earth (KML) https://yb.tl/a2n2018.kml
Text Leaderboard (all classes) https://yb.tl/l/a2n2018
Text Leaderboard (Line Honours Overall only) https://yb.tl/l/a2n2018?class=linehonoursoverall
Text Leaderboard (Line Honours Monohull only) https://yb.tl/l/a2n2018?class=linehonoursmonohull
Text Leaderboard (Line Honours Multihull only) https://yb.tl/l/a2n2018?class=linehonoursmultihull
Text Leaderboard (PHRF only) https://yb.tl/l/a2n2018?class=phrf
Text Leaderboard (IRC only) https://yb.tl/l/a2n2018?class=irc
Text Leaderboard (Multihull Handicap only) https://yb.tl/l/a2n2018?class=multihullhandicap
Email Auto-Responder Click for Instructions

If you email: a2n2018@race.yb.tl

Use one of the following as a subject: leaderboard maxsea adrena expedition

If you'd like the data in the body of an email (rather than as an attachment), include the word 'body' in the subject. e.g: Subject: leaderboard body

If you'd like to subscribe for regular reports, finish the subject with 0.5, 1, 3, 4, 6, 12 or 24 hours. e.g:

Subject: adrena body 12 OR Subject: expedition 6

When you wish to stop your subscription, send an email to: a2n2018@race.yb.tl with STOP as the subject.

For support, please email support@ybtracking.com