Our race viewer uses a technology called HTML5, which is only compatible with browsers released since 2012.

If you're viewing this message, it means that you probably running an older version, and you simply need to update your browser.

The YB Tracking race viewer will run well on any web browsers released since 2012, namely:

Updating your browser is normally a very easy process, and is good practice as it will also patch any security issues which may have been found since it was released. We promise we aren't just trying to make things hard for you, the last thing we want is to get in the way of your viewing pleasure.

If you are unable to update your browser to a more recent version (for example, if you are running an old version of Windows) then we suggest downloading the Google Chrome browser - to do this you can go here: http://www.google.com/chrome


There's a chance that it might work in your browser, but we can't guarantee anything. Click here to try.

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Great Pacific Race 2016